[Desktop PC/Motherboard] Troubleshooting-No sound playing when Front/Back sound plug is connected

[Desktop PC/Motherboard] Troubleshooting-No sound playing when Front/Back sound plug is connected

Please test your earphone or speaker by connecting to other devices (PCs, phones, etc.) to exclude the possibility that the playback device is abnormal.

If your earphone or speaker works well on other devices, please follow the below steps to test (both hardware and software) :

1.      Ensure that your playback device is correctly connected to audio interface (speaker/earphone should be connected to the green one, microphone should be connected to the red one)

2.      Generally,desktop PC has both front audio interface (AAFP) and back rear audio interface available to use so please test with different audio interface.
If you are using All-In-One PC, you need to remove earphone or speaker itself first and test whether there is sound/music output from motherboard .
If any part of the audio interface can’t work, please contact ASUS Service Center for assistance.

3.      Right click  at the bottom right corner of toolbar. Choose “Playback devices”.

Press “Test” for the playback device you want to use, and check whether there is test sound playing.

4.      Please update your Audio driver(More information about updating, click here)


If you can’t solve your problem with above suggestion, please contact ASUS Service Center.