[DT/AIO] Introduction of Zenanywhere V4.5.2.77

[DT/AIO] Introduction of Zenanywhere V4.5.2.77

Access to all the resources on your PC wherever you are from either Internet browser or a mobile device. ( Ex: Cell Phone / Pad…etc. )
● File Explorer
● Webcam Monitoring
● Remote Desktop
● Remote Wakeup
1. Sign up /Log in account & passwords in your PC.

2. Download ZenAnywhere and log in account & password to enter your mobile / laptop.

File Explorer :
You can access any file on your PC remotely without having to place the file in a specific folder. ( It supports videos/ subtitles/ audio files …etc)
Note:  Specific file format through the client-side corresponding to the App open, ex: office file.

I. Add a Folder Mapping
Press “START ADDING” or icon .

II. Add the folder path you want to map and press Map here.

Web Monitoring :
You can link one or more USB webcams for instant watch / recording / taking pictures / email alert notification.

I. Pressing Webcam to monitor.

II. Press  to enter more settings.

 : Motion Detection on / off
 : Record
 : Take a snapshot

Remote Desktop : 
You can use Windows at any time with virtual keyboard and mouse.
(Support Windows 10 Pro or later versions )

 : Virtual Keyboard
 : Virtual Mouse

Remote Wakeup :
It supports AC mode S3 / S4 wake up over the Internet with a specific hardware line design and specific on-board LAN / Wifi.

I. Press  to show the Host list.

II. Press  to show “Restart / Sleep / Shutdown” for remote wakeup.

Q: Does all ASUS PC support Remote Wakeup ?
A: Only selective products support Remote Wakeup. Please refer to specifications of official product page.

Q: Where to get Client apps or enter Web portal ?
A: Search “ZenAnywhere” on Google Play and  Apple Store ;  for Web portal , please check https://zenanywhere.orbweb.me/

Q: How to activate free trail of Ultimate 15 days and Premium 6 months ?
A: ZenAnywhere will detect ASUS products and automatically do the activation . Users can see the current program on setting page.