Endless OS – How do I add new apps to my computer?

Endless OS – How do I add new apps to my computer?


Endless OS only supports ASUS Non-OS product. ASUS product preloaded with Windows OS or Chrome OS do not yet support to install Endless OS.
ASUS official website will not provide any support about download or compatility issues with Endless OS. In addition, ASUS doesn’t provide any commitment for compatibility problem if Endless OS is installed to ASUS product preloaded with Windows OS or Chrome OS. Any damages caused by installing Endless OS (e.g. dysfunction, file damage……)  will incur a service charge if repairs are required and ASUS will not compensate for any program and data loss caused by file damage.


There are lots of apps that have already been installed on your computer and additional apps are easy to install if you have an Internet connection. To find more apps, click on More Apps icon on your desktop to open the App Center.

You can look through the categories in App Center to find new apps. To download an app, click on it and then click on the green [Add to Desktop] button.

Some apps will require an Internet connection so you’ll find an [Install App] button next to them, which allows you to both download and install, instead of the green [Add to Desktop] button. If you have an Internet connection, just click on the [Install App] button, and your app will be downloaded and installed so you can add it to your desktop.

Please note, you cannot install Linux apps directly from the Internet and you can only add apps that are already available in our App Center. New apps are added after system updates tak place so please be sure to check the App Center for anything new.

In addition to the apps on your computer, if you have an Internet connection, you can use many additional web apps. Explore the Discovery Center through your Internet browser for inspiration!