Endless OS – How do I get more games on my computer?

How do I get more games on my computer?

To add games to your computer, click the More Apps icon on your desktop to open the App Center.

Select Games from the menu on the left :  You can browse through all the games, and once you find a game you’d like to try, click on it. Click the green button to install or add to your desktop.

In addition to the games already available on your computer, you can also access many additional online games if you have an internet connection. You can search for the website called Steam Games Store in the global search bar on your desktop to access a popular online Linux game store.

Unfortunately, not all Linux games run on Endless, such as Counter-Strike. You’ll need to check your software and hardware specifications to make sure that they match the requirements of any Linux game you’d like to purchase. If you are trying to use a game that is for Windows or another operating system, it will not work. Only Linux apps that are compatible to your system and hardware will work.

If you have an internet connection, make sure you take advantage of all the free online games that are available, too. Try browsing our Discover Center through your internet browser to find some cool new free games sites.