EndlessOS – Is my OS open source?

EndlessOS – Is my OS open source?

Endless OS only supports ASUS Non-OS product. ASUS product preloaded with Windows OS or Chrome OS do not yet support to install Endless OS.
ASUS official website will not provide any support about download or compatility issues with Endless OS. In addition, ASUS doesn’t provide any commitment for compatibility problem if Endless OS is installed to ASUS product preloaded with Windows OS or Chrome OS. Any damages caused by installing Endless OS
 (e.g. dysfunction, file damage……)  will incur a service charge if repairs are required and ASUS will not compensate for any program and data loss caused by file damage.

Endless OS is built upon decades of efforts from the free and open-source software community, and Endless acknowledge a great debt to it. Endless contributes back to open source projects whenever they can, but not all the software shipped on EndlessOS computer is open source. For more information, please refer to https://endlessm.com/developer.