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Full Version: T9 BIOS can't boot to EMMC
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Hello !

I have a fresh new ACEPC T9, and until now I'm very happy with it.
My problem was I needed to have Power ON after power outage function.
So, I flash this file to activate the function for the T9 :!csxiWIQD!sN8TTuRnIaujYDqEEkOg4YIgIyZkNnhiX0ET7AC948I

All was running good, and now the T9 start when I plug the power.
But, after this update, I can't boot to emmc drive anymore.
The drive is correctly detected on the main page of the BIOS, but I can't select it anymore in the Boot Menu or in the Boot Override option. Please have a look to the pictures below : Zob97

How can I manage to get EMMC back to boot menu ?

Also, is it possible to have a link to download the original T9 BIOS please ?

Please help me ! Thanks you.

Best regards
Hi actiftech and thanks you for your message.
Unfortunately I already tried this Bios, and I have the same issue...
I'll try to dig further otherwise I will call back the seller for warranty.