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Full Version: LAN stuck on 100 mbit
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I don't get it, I can't get it to use gigabit.

I know the cable can, I use it for my laptop and it runs gigabit.
And so can the router, checked its config and its set to allow gigabit on that port. No green mode. (and again, laptop works fine on same port/cable)

I updated the drivers to the latest for Realtek USB FE series.
But the option isn't even there in the config, I can only choose 10/100 or autonegotiate. Not gigabit.

Tried looking in the bios but I cant find anything that looks like it might be the reason.

Bit lost here, any suggestions?

Ok, am I right in assuming this is an 8152 chip and as such... Is only 100 mbit?