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Supplying you with the composite insulation sheet for reflow soldering pallet quotation consultation, NOVES is one of the largest and best composite insulation sheet for reflow soldering pallet manufacturers and suppliers in China, which belongs to one of the famous such brands. Welcome to wholesale customized and high quality bulk products and get its free sample with our factory.
Composite  insulation Sheet for Reflow Soldering Pallet 
Noves item NS301-Black is a kind of synthetic composite material made by fiber glass and epoxy resin ,it is a beginning grades of the insualtion material , Noves insulation sheet it is a very good material for Insulation test fixture,pcb wave soldering pallet, reflow soldering, SMT fixtures, oven tray, had tin fixture jig.
Product Features
-    Excellent dimensional stability at high operation temperature including the lead-free process
-    Low thermal conductivity
-    Durable usage life enable by high glass transition temperature
-    Excellent Machining properties enabling the manufacture of complex design solder pallets and fixtures
-    Good resistance to chemicals used in modern fluxes 
-    Conform to RoHs and Environmental Health Safety requirement
How to choose Noves material 
There are different grades Noves material for choosing,  it depend on your production requirement and your products ,the high grade material can be reuse more than 20000 times some are less , and the pricing are different too .please kindly check the “Technical Data” for choose reference or contact us for advice. 
SMT Test fixture, PCB wave soldering pallet , reflow welding, SMT surface mount, furnace tray, fixtures for PCB and electronics industryComposite materials China