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Full Version: T11 unexpected shutdown/reboot when sleep mode
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I work in IT for 16 years ago and I am just trying to troubleshoot this issue the best I can. I receive a first T11 unit that unexpected die & reboot when falling into sleep mode, so I got it replaced by the manufacturer (A1 service) and then the second unit is doing exactly the same thing. So I am now convinced this is a widespread issue.

If I look at my Windows System Error Log, I found several events “KERNEL-POWER ERROR 142 (173)” and when you are searching in other discussion forums, they are all pointing on hardware failure such as a bad laptop battery (of course, T11 isn't a laptop, this is just an example). As a troubleshooting step, I disabled the "Auto-Reboot" feature of Windows 10 when they found a system error, to shows any "blue screen" error, but this doesn't make any change because apparently this is an hardware failure, so the computer die and reboot anyway and prompt no system error (software) error.

The steps to reproduce this error on your own T11 is pretty easy. You can wait until your T11 automatically fall into the sleep mode (based on your power settings), then after like 10 minutes into sleep mode, your T11 will die and reboot, just like if you did a hard-reset on it. The other possible way is to simply go into Start Menu, click Power wheel and choose "Sleep Mode" and then wait 10 minutes and your T11 will die and reboot.

I can reproduce the issue by 100% of the time and if I disable the sleep mode completely, the computer are working fine for 48h continuously so far on my test bench.

Please share your own experience.  Big Grin
sorry to hear that.
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