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Full Version: To activate Storage Sense in Windows to prevent storage issues from 32GB limit
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The issues show up after a few hours or a day of use when the unit automatically updates to the latest Windows 10 version. When that happens, by default Windows saves all the files from its previous version of Windows on the 32GB drive, and those can occupy up to 8 GB of your preciously small 32 GB. Even if you have an extra hard drive installed this happens.
The available storage on the 32GB drive can go down to 2 GB or less, even with nothing else installed, and then turn the drive red in the PC window, warning of issues. Caching slows down etc. But there is a solution:
1.Wait for Windows to update (make take a day or two).
2.Then go to Settings->System->Storage-> then turn on Storage Sense.
3.Then click link there called Change How We Free Up Space. When that opens, you should see choose Temporary files.
4.Under Remove temporary files, if you did have a recent Windows update, you should see the Previous version of Windows check box.
5.Click it and then choose Remove files (or something like all that). And next click Clean Now button. After it runs a while you will see you now have lots of room on the 32GB drive.