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Full Version: ACEPC T9 refuse to boot
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Hi Everyone,

I'm a happy customer of a ACEPC T9. I have been enjoying this product/machine for about 9month now.
It was running perfect; and today when I tried to boot it up; I got nothing coming in screen.

I noticed that instead of the blue led in front of the ACEPC T9 when it's booting and running ; I have no the LED Blinking from Blue to Black to Blue to Black constantly.

I'm wondering what could be the problem; Memory or Power cable.

Since the device is pretty sealed and we can't perform much from outside and proably much from the inside; how can I reset or solve my issue.

I tried to press the start button for 10seconds; then the device is going off; then I power it back and I do have the blinking with nothing else coming up on screen.
I'm unable to even go into BIOS or perform a FORMAT if I had to.

I'm desperate and wonder if someone can help me.

Thanks very much.
Did you opened the box of the T9? I think you should see if the motherboard have a battery. It can be placed on the back of the motherboard. Try to disconnect the battery for several minutes, and connect it again. It should be helpfull!
Other way: maybe there is a sort of "reset" button on the motherboard.