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Full Version: Windows Setup error when installing to ssd
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Hey all,

I added a SSD to the sata port, now when I´m trying to install Windows 10, Windows installer doesn´t allow me to install to the disk (it´s been detected by 
the windows setup) with the error message: "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. Setup does not support configuration of or installation to disks connected through a USB or IEEE 1394 port"

The disk doesn´t have any partitions or volumes it´s completly empty/fresh.

Anyone able to help?
The problem may be related to the format of the SSD. Try to format in GPT beforehand.

Look this subject.

How to convert the SSD from MBR to GPT from the command prompt (SHIFT (⇧) + F10.) And Diskpart.

Open cmd as admin.
The successive orders are as follows:

list disk (find the number of the disk to convert)
select disk x (where x is the number of the disk to convert)
detail disk (to make sure it's the right one!)
convert gpt
doesn´t help. I get still the error message and windows won´t install. (As it installs without any problem to EMMC.)
I am sorry to read that, it's very strange.
Google search for "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. Setup does not support configuration of or installation to disks connected through a USB or IEEE 1394 port"" speaks about external storage. Is it your case? If yes, this advice can be helpfull:

"That will not work, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro does not support installation on external storage devices and even if you removed the hard disk from the external and installed it inside the system unit, installing Windows 8 on it would not permit it to boot from an external USB enclosure on another computer.

The only edition that supports booting from external storage devices is Windows 8 Enterprise and even this requires certified USB 3.0 devices and Enterprise edition is only available to volume license customers."

Sources: here and here. It's about Windows 8, but it can be the same with Windows 10.

I hope the following video will help you to solve this problem.

Thank you very much for your help. I already found these video / other links.
What do I try to archive: I added a ssd to the internal sata extension port of the T11; and I want to install Windows on this added ssd.
I think the problem is that Windows installer/setup recognize the ssd connected to the extension port as external device...
Why this happens I don´t know. I also tried it with another SSD, but still the same error occurs...
So, after having better visualized the device, the problem encountered should not exist. When you insert the SSD in the body of the T11, how is it recognized, I mean is it D:? Then, when trying to install Windows 10, do you have the choice of the destination of this installation. Finally, have you tried to clone your current system on the new support, with EaseUs Todo Backup free for example.
To finish, if you have a new version of Windows 10 in .ISO, once cloning is successful, you can switch to the .ISO version by right-clicking and select "mount".
[Image: 1525158557-36256356136-70e1f8a312-o.png]
The SSD appears as drive d: (within Windows) But I think we can stop here. I found out why the Windows Installer (when you try to install Windows from a bootable usb stick) thinks it shall install to a usb connected device; the installer is absolutly correct. See attached pictures from the device manager. When I change the device manager view to show the connections, you see that the ssd (the sata ports to be more precise) are connected to an usb controller internally. 

[Image: kube01.jpg]

For reference here the device manager view for the emmc, that is connected to a SD host controller.

[Image: kube02.jpg]

So I think there is no "clean" way to install to SSD.
This looks like a limit related to the configuration of this model or even the bios.
Did you try to clone Windows to SSD?

In your place, I would contact ADMIN. He could provide some clarification or more relevant help. I'm sorry I did not bring a solution!
Thanks for all your help; When time allows I will try to clone.
Pour installer win 10 sur un ssd sur le Mini PC il faut le faire avec le programme WIN TO GO
Installer Win 10 via un boitier externe puis brancher le SSD dans ACEPC dans le boitier, les différents driver sont reconnu, sauf WIFI,
si quequ'un peut dire ou on peux trouver le driver je suis preneur
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