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Full Version: If you think that your ACEPCT11 is completely unbootable or bricked
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I just want to share the issue that i faced and the solution that i found:
the issue is:
- i tried to re-install windows then i accidently shutdown the pc
- when i start the mini pc nothing is displayed, even the bios or the acepc logo, i can not access the bios menu also by using f7
- i checked everything, cable, monitor, i even clear the CMOS.. but nothing seems to work,

I tried to connect the pc to my tv through VGA, same behavior, nothing seems to work

So the solution that i found after a real struggle was actually this one:
try to connect the acepc to tv through hdmi cable ! then press f7 and you will be able to see the bios menu. 

but before that i unplagged the pc from power source for 15 min, i dont think its important but it may be necessary.

Hope this helps.
Thank you for sharing.