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Full Version: SSD not recognized
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I purchased the ACEPC T11 device from Amazon and the first one would not 
activate. Showing it had already been activated by other credentials. I
order the second device and it activates properly. I have tried to add SSD and clone per instructions shown in this forum with no luck.  I have tried two different manufacturer of SSD's in the SATA port provided and neither are 
recognized by their manufacturers software. These devices are new
devices. Device management  shows "USB  to IDE/SATA Device USB Device" which I assume is the Sata port.
Both SSD's work properly in my desktop sata port using Windows 10.

Can someone please advise what is going on? Do I have a defective device?
The Sata port seems to be acting crazy.

Do I need to request an RMA? or should I just return to Amazon again?