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  ACEPC GK1 Thread and or Knowledge base threads?
Posted by: dardwizzle - 5 hours ago - Forum: Knowledge Base - No Replies

Hi guys, 

I recently purchased the ACEPC GK1 and while I love the pc for its small form factor, ease of use and its power vs energy use for a small PC, I am somewhat frustrated by the lack of a section / thread dedicated for it on the forums here.

Looking through the forums it's almost as if this PC doesn't exist. Why is there not forum for it? 

What I am trying to figure out is how, if at all, can I install the OS on the attached SSD? My understanding is that one can install an SSD upto 2 TB in the SSD/HDD hard drive which is placed in the expansion tray underneath of the unit which connects to the mini PC via what appears to be a SATA connection that the drive plugs into but the connection that the SSD / HDD expansion tray uses is an mSATA connection.

I need to somehow install the OS on to the expansion drive which I am using a Samsung EVO 250 SSD SATA drive. The drive installs just fine and I can get it to work as Secondary Drive but I really need to get the OS on this drive instead because the 32GB primary partition gets completely filled up to the point of not being able to install the latest WIN10 Updates / Critical updates as I get an error that the drive has no more space on it. If I delete the old windows files in the windows.old directory as I was advised to do, then I can restore Windows 10 should I need to do a factory reset. 

If someone could please help me with this I would appreciate it, as well I'm curious why these forums provide no information what so ever for the ACEPC GK1?  My understanding is that this unit has some upgraded features from the AC1 such as a better video card (Intel HD graphics 600 vs the 500) can handle a larger SATA drive but it's got the same processor and for the most part the rest is the same 

I would appreciate it if there would be a section in this forum created for the GK1 with some info on how to either line the OS partition on the internal 32GB drive on to the expansion SATA drive or how to put a larger primary drive in it and what the specs are for what the main board can support.

Where to find any updated firmware and / or drivers. 

Thank you all in advance. 


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  New Poke out
Posted by: janellcw1 - 5 hours ago - Forum: ACEPC News - No Replies

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  Blue light not working; BIOS forgot SSD
Posted by: gwideman - Yesterday, 10:13 AM - Forum: ACEPC AK1 Mini PC - Replies (2)

The ACEPC AK1 with Windows Pro that I received last week has suddenly done two things:

1. The blue light that shines from the vents and indicates power-up is no longer working.

2. At the same time that the blue light stopped working, the machine also refused to boot up to the copy of Windows on the SSD I had installed. (Copied with Macrium, and had booted several times since then.)   Instead the screen displayed attempts to boot to other options on the BIOS's list of boot entries (unsuccessfully), though it never made it to the Windows Boot Manager entry corresponding to the internal eMMC. 

(I had moved the eMMC down the list in an effort to avoid accidentally booting from eMMC (and me not noticing) if the SSD failed for some reason. That probably contributed to complete lack of boot when booting did not occur from the SSD.)

I addressed the no-boot problem by:

a. Remove the SSD to see if that would cause boot to eMMC. No it did not (again, possibly to be expected with the eMMC being far down the list).

b. Plug the SSD back in.

c. Start up into the BIOS by using DELete key.  <-- That's vital info: DELete, not F2 as mentioned some places.

d. Inspect the boot entries list, where I noted that the SSD was not at the top of the list (possibly because I had powered the PC up with the SSD removed. So I reinstated the SSD at the top of the list.

e. Boot up successfully to SSD.

So, the booting is "fixed"... but why did it fail in the first place?

The blue light continues not to work.

At this point I do not know if the two issues (blue light off, episode of not booting from SSD) are related or not.

I have seen other reports of the AK1 suddenly not booting from an SSD, but not enough details to know whether that was due to BIOS boot list getting messed up, or the SSD taking too long to become available, or something else.

Any comments?  I suspect the blue light not working is an actual electrical fault, unless there's a setting for blue LED brightness somewhere.


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Question Maximum screen resolution for HDMI port
Posted by: martinsky - 08-18-2018, 08:10 PM - Forum: ACEPC T11 Mini PC - No Replies

What is the maximum resolution that the T11 will output on the HDMI port?

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  Poll - What do you use your AK1 for mainly ?
Posted by: dr0g0 - 08-15-2018, 10:40 PM - Forum: ACEPC AK1 Mini PC - Replies (3)

Hi all,

Thought I would start a poll to see what we are all using our AK1's for ?

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  SSD & mSata Possible ?
Posted by: dr0g0 - 08-15-2018, 09:59 PM - Forum: ACEPC AK1 Mini PC - No Replies

Hi all,

Loving the AK1 , however I have fitted a Kingston 120 Gig Msata drive and installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Professional onto this, I have also formatted and have the 32gig drive showing under Win 10, however I have tried to get the unit to see my Sandisk 120gig SSD and for the life of me , the unit will not see the SSD which is plugged into the hard drive caddy at the bottom of the AK1, which then uses the USB C connection.

If I take the Sandisk 120Gig SSD out from the bottom and connect it to a USB 3.0 to Sata USB adapter and plug the Sandisk drive into this (USB 3 port) the same drive is seen, without any problems. I have checked connections and everything appears to be fine connection wise.

My question is is the unit capable of running both a msata drive insidethe unit along with a SSD drive in the bottom of thr hard drive caddy?

I think I have read in another post on here another person is having what seems to be the same issue.

Please advise.

Thank you

Having put the drive in again after formatting it using the USB Sata adapter the drive (after a reboot) is now being seen. So I can now confirm that my AK1 is booting off the internal Kingston 120gig mSata drive, and can now also see the SanDisk 120gig SSD and also the Toshiba 32gig eMMc drive.

And to add that I installed a fresh Windows 10 Professional OS, by using the Microsoft Media Creation tool, and selecting USB as oppose to in .ISO format, inserted USB stick into USB 3 port and then pressed F7 upon powering up the AK1 and selected my USB boot stick , upon which Windows 10 Pro was installed.

All device drivers are also setup, and finally after a day of tinkering on and off have the AK1 basebuild complete ready, just need to run Windows 10 updates, and once that is sorted will then use Acronis to create a backup image of system, of which I will then be able to revert to within a couple of minutes should I need to at some point in the future.

Any questions please ask away,as  always happy to help.


See attached images showing all three drives and all devices within Win 10 Pro setup correctly.



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  How to Install SSD Drive??
Posted by: gmorse44 - 08-13-2018, 08:33 PM - Forum: ACEPC AK1 Mini PC - Replies (11)

I bought the ACEPC about 2 weeks ago and had no problems setting it up. It is operating great from the beginning.

One BIG problem. I purchased a Samsung 860 EVO drive (500GB), installed it by plugging it into the female receptacle (in the bottom compartment w/o opening the interior wiring/hardware of the AK1). 

BUT, the system shows no evidence of the SSD's existence. And even after reading many posts and threads and watching every YouTube video I could find, I am stumped on how to set up this new Drive. Am I missing something? 

Can somebody give me a straight-forward approach to my problem?

  • Do I need to format the drive?
  • I imagine so, but how do I find a drive that doesn/t show up in my index of Mem devices?
  • I assume others are having similar problems, but I can't follow the most relevant answers because the Prt sc pictures are completely out of focus.
  • Sure would appreciate any suggestions in response. I need to download some programs & need additional SPACE! Smile
Thanks much, Gary- gmorse44

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Posted by: sebvalmont - 08-12-2018, 02:29 PM - Forum: ACEPC AK1 Mini PC - Replies (6)


I tried to update the BIOS of my AK1 but it failed. I downloaded it from iACEPC download page.

At first, the video that describes how the BIOS is updated is wrong. If you boot in UEFI mode, you cannot flash the bios, since there is not nstart script in the package. If you flash it through windows, it says the size of the BIOS is different from the image.

In download, the drivers are for ACEPC AK1 J3455_4G_32G_3165D.
On the other hand, the BIOS is for ACEPC AK1 AK1_4G_32G_3265.

What is the difference between 3165D and 3265? Are there two models of AK1? 

If yes:
1) How can I identify my model?
2) Where is the BIOS file for the other model?


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  Cooling/Fan upgrades
Posted by: WheatPasta - 08-12-2018, 02:10 AM - Forum: ACEPC AK1 Mini PC - Replies (2)

I have a Dreamcade Replay which seems to be very similar to the AK1. I have seen a video where a user added some thermal paste and a coin to keep things a little cooler. I would not want to go that route. However I was hoping to replace the stock cooling with a low profile heatsink with a better fan to keep things a little cooler, and ideally clear the top cover.
Has anyone else tried this? If so what model did you use?

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  World Of Tanks Cheats Iphone. World Of Tanks On Xbox 360 Cheats
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