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The Spring Festival of the
The Spring Festival of the Fishing Platform is a famous prose. Today, I read this article.author of this article is Yu Dafu, describing the scenery that the author saw in Tonglu County. There are Tonglu Mountain, fishing platform, etc., and then I thought of my past. Among them, I wrote a section of Tongjun Mountain that I think is very well written. Write the position of the mountain first, then write yourself to climb the mountain. Write the clean beauty of the rugged mountain road and the view of the mountain road. Especially the scene where the boatman came to send the match lighting Marlboro Red Extrea Shorts, let me see the goodness of the local people. The author also wrote the scenery of the fishing platform, although it is very rundown, but it also has its unique beauty. reading it, my heart seemed to have a beautiful view: surrounded by lush trees, flowing rivers in the distance, and winds blowing from time to time. I really want to go there and have a look. Flowers are grateful for rain and dew, because the rain dew moistens it to grow; the mountain is grateful to the earth Best Online Cigarettes Newport, because the earth makes it towering; the goshawk is grateful for the sky, because the sky makes it soar.e are many people around us who are worthy of our gratitude Marlboro Cigarettes With Gold Band. They educate me and they give me. So we should also learn to be grateful tograteful to my parents because my parents have made me independent and I have overcome difficulties. It is the parents who let me learn to walk, learn to talk, learn to cook Carton Marlboro Black Menthol 100, learn to be independent, learn to overcome difficulties, and learn to be grateful. I remember vaguely, I am only 5 years old. I always love to run after hours, so my parents have a lot of heart. I played in the park once, ran, accidentally, fell, cried, and couldn��t afford to go to the parents. However, my plan failed, and my parents said to me, ��You should stand up yourself.�� Say, I left, and I am more sad, but my parents did not waver in the slightest, and I finally stood up helplessly. Thank you parents! You let me stand up in difficulties, overcome difficulties, and learn to stand on my own s a child, every time I walked on the avenue, my parents would be on the left. I didn��t understand and asked: "Mom, why are you and Dad always on my left?" "Oh! You will know when you grow up." "Every time the answer is like this. Time flies, I grew up and understood the practice of my parents. My parents feared that I was afraid of not knowing things. On the left, I was afraid that the car would knock me down. Grateful to parents, they care for us to grow up. So when we grow up, we must consciously let our parents stand on the right side. We stand on the left and let our parents stop the car from hitting.cher for teaching us knowledge. In the classroom, the teacher's gradual approach, the tireless attitude, let us be touched, let us master the knowledge, look back, math class, the problem of the angling, I did not figure out, frowning, confused face, The teacher saw my confusion. The teacher said, "Please raise your hand if you have problems." I raised my hand and the teacher gave me a detailed explanation. I suddenly became very cheerful Buy Us Marlboro Online. I wathe earth, there is no such beauty, so after it blooms, it sends the flowers back to the earth. It knows gratitude. When the year comes, the earth will give it the nutrients it needs, and it knows gratitude. Let us learn to be grateful, learn to be grateful to our parents, and be grateful to all those who give us care.
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