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Reviewer Recruitment, Old Customers Preferred!
Reviewer Recruitment, Old Customers Preferred!

Anyone that has interest can contact with me via private message or join our Facebook Group:


[Image: 20180402175513-768x559.jpg]

We want some influencers to act as our reviewers; 
we also welcome old customers who have bought ACEPC devices to make comments or reviews on our products.

All we do are to improve our products and services!


Thank you!
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Some FREE Samples to be sent.
Send Facebook private message to me now for more details.
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(04-12-2018, 01:14 PM)admin Wrote: Some FREE Samples to be sent.
Send Facebook private message to me now for more details.
(You must be in our Facebook group)

Or add my skype: live:info_841963


Thank you for the opportunity. You have impressive machines. I helped AMD change their direction in their web presence and I would like to help you in anyway I can.

Per your request I sent you a private message here in the forum and through the Facebook group.

Thank you again,
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Hails - new here. I am wondering if ZT has an Australian based reviewer/writer and if somebody would kindly put me in contact with them.
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