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Cooling/Fan upgrades
At what temp should the fan turn on? I just installed the NF-A4x10 5v fan but it doesn't seem to turn on. Please help
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I was very enthusiastic, and I did not check if the venilator was working properly ... I'm confused.
The device is now open, Windows update in progress, here are the temperatures recorded: min 56-60 ° c and max 83-86 ° c. The limit is set at 105 ° c by default.
As soon as the update is fully installed, I will take a look in the bios.
We must solve this problem ...

Update: finally, the fan starts. I think it started when temp goes to 60°c for several minutes...

And now I can confirm, this Noctua fan makes no audible noise in the ear!

[Image: 1540403560-2.jpg]

[Image: 1540403559-1.jpg]
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(10-14-2018, 09:44 PM)chrike4 Wrote:
Alright so let me be the first to say I have completed everything talked about in this thread and ill share my process step for step as well as the end results

First of all let me say that i believe i received a defective fan in my pc which is what lead me to this post. My original fan (stock blower that comes with AcePC ak1) was ridiculously loud. It has 3 settings. The low setting was always on and easily noticeable in the dead silence (at night or early morning when room is quiet). The medium is noticeable regardless of what was going on in the room (tv etc). The high setting was just insane for a fan that small, none of my full tower 140mm intake fans are that annoying at full speed. It must have been defective as I can't believe anyone else would want a PC that loud. So there lied the reason I came to change the fan. Lastly, I took no pictures during my process because I wasn't sure if it was going to work, good news is we have that Russian guy's video if you want to see what I did in a different language.

Prologue: Using Speedfan I got 2 temp readings. My Temp1 (ACPI) was 50 idle and 85 max load.
                                                                     My CPU cores average was 35 idle and 78 max load.

1)  The first step is to replace the fan for maximum noise reduction (Note, this will barely lower temperatures if at all).
This was the hardest part but thanks to this thread I got the right parts to make it work. Get the Noctua A-Series (NF-A4X10-FLX 5V). MAKE SURE IT'S THE 5V & NOT THE 12V. Unfortunately in my case the link I provided does not come with the Omnijoin adapter set which is required to splice the wires together. You can also get your own solder-less wire connector instead of the omnijoin if you know what you're looking for. 
1-1) You will need to open the case, unscrew the CPU fan radiator and remove the entire radiator from the case.
1-2) take the top off the radiator so you have access to the blower fan.
1-3) Cut the wires from the blower fan leaving at least 2 inches connected to blower fan itself. (You won't need the fan anymore but leaving enough wire connected to it to splice it back together in the case that your new fan doesn't work is always a good idea.)
1-4) Take the Omnijoin adapter cable and connect it to the now free 5v header black and red wires using the supplied cable joiners.
1-5) Connect the Noctua A-Series to the Omnijoin adapter cable. Place into the radiator housing making sure the arrows on one of the sides of the fan (showing which way the air is directed) line up to push the air out the same way the blower was pointing.
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NEMGCIA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (Noctua I used)

2) Now in my case the temps dropped to ACPI idle at 48 and 84 under max load
                                                          CPU cores average at 33 idle and 75 max load.
Not much of a difference but now it was completely silent. So here is where the Russian guy using a coin and and crazy unnecessary amount of thermal paste come into play.
2-1) Open your case yet again and remove the CPU radiator (you don't need to take the fan out, just get to the CPU). In my case there was a single pad of thermal padding under the radiator placed on-top of the entire CPU bracket. This pad is way too thick to properly dissipate the head from the cores and mostly just acts as a protection to keep the CPU from cracking in the case that you move or shake the Mini-PC too violently. I don't intend to ever move the PC and therefor don't need the protection over the cores.
2-2) Remove the pad carefully and place in a plastic bag where it wont get dirty (in the case you mess up and need to place it back on the CPU you will need it to be in perfect condition otherwise you will be in worse shape than before you took it off.
2-3) Place a copper shim, (i.e CPU Thermal Heatsink Copper pad) over the CPU and replace the radiator carefully on top of it making sure it is completely flat.
Here's how I did it.
2-3 Explained...) First clean the CPU with isopropyl alcohol (anything between 70-99%. However, the closer to 99% the better). Then do the same with the bottom of the radiator and the copper pad. place a small dot of thermal compound on the cpu itself and rub it around with either a coffee filter or a plastic bag. Make sure not to let your finger touch the CPU or the thermal compound as your finger has oils on it that will mix into the compound and create air bubbles. Once the cores have been completely covered by a very THIN layer add another small dot of compound to the middle of the core. Now take the copper pad and do the exact same to the side that will be touching the radiator, you don't need to do this to both sides of the copper pad since the cpu will already be covering 1 side. Now place the copper pad flat on top of the CPU and and place the radiator on top of it. MAKE CERTAIN that it does not move from where you place it down. Screw the radiator back down semi-tight.
2-4) Turn the computer on and immediately check the temperatures.
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01E5PU7RQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (Copper Pads I bought, I used the 15*15*1.2mm).
https://www.amazon.com/ARCTIC-MX-4-Compound-Performance-Interface/dp/B0795DP124/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1539552390&sr=1-3&keywords=thermal+paste  (Thermal Paste I used)

With the new fan and copper plate my new temperatures are
ACPI idle: 40      (originally 50)
ACPI max: 72     (originally 85)
CPU idle: 32       (originally 35)
CPU max: 51       (originally 78)

And that is with a COMPLETELY silent fan even on its highest setting (Although it doesn't use its highest setting until it hits 60-64 which is has yet to do.) Now I do concede that these temperatures are the temps after 4 hours of stress testing. On max load after around 24 hours they will have climbed another 4-6 degrees up from 51 to 56-ish, but the high fan speed setting doesn't kick on until CPU hits 60-64, which it never does with the new setup so I'm sure if it was running at max speed such as the original fan did, the temps would max out at 60. 
Hope this helps anyone that has a fan that was as loud as mine and doesn't want to return the mini-PC without trying to replace the fan first.

(Disclaimer; cutting the wires on the fan as well as replacing the fan itself and the thermal padding probably voids a warranty somewhere, so do this knowing full well if you mess up and break your computer-whether you get an RMA/refund is up to the terms and conditions.)

I've just done my machine but when I run heavy load test it shows 91 deg
Is your fan blowing down? or up? CPU idle shows 55 deg
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quick update , after changing paste for MX4 and small fan modification, temp won't go over 65 deg

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