J3455 vs J4105, as ACEPC AK2 vs ACEPC GK2 Mini PC

J3455 and J4105 hot CPUs for Mini PCs these days, and many small PCs and laptops use them as CPUs. Both ACEPC AK2 and GK2 Mini PCs use them as well. What’s the difference?

ACEPC AK2 and GK2 have a same case.
ACEPC AK2, J3455, 4+32GB
ACEPC GK2, J4105, 4+64GB

But What’s the difference between the two CPUs?

The Intel J3455 has more processing cores than the Celeron J4005 processor. Large number of cores helps this CPU to tackle multiple simultaneous processes or threads. However, the operating frequency of the Celeron J4005 processor is higher than the frequency of the J3455.

Similar CPUs use the same socket and architecture as Celeron J3455 and Intel J4105, but their performance and other characteristics are a bit different.

As J4105 is newer than J3455 in release time and it has higher working frequency, we can say  J4105 is better than J3455 in performance.