Sonic Radar II – Introduction

Sonic Radar II


Asus Sonic Radar application is a FPS game tool. It can locate the game gunfire and explosions, footsteps, cries, time bomb acoustic sound source direction and distance so that players can make a pre-emptive strike.

Sonic Radar II application and the sound card driver are installed at the same time, players use the bundled sound card driver for installation. The sound card driver updating does not affect the use of Sonic Radar II.

Sonic Radar II UI interface in general can be divided into three parts. The first part is Display. It is used to set up audio radar display mode, including the location, size, etc. At the same time, you can also run Sonic Radar II test here.


The second part is Controls. It is used to set up Sonic Radar II shortcuts.


The third part Game EQ. It is used to set up Sonic Radar II response to sound in game. There are total of five choices here, including gunfire and explosions, high frequency (mainly footsteps), intermediate frequency (maily voice) and low frequency (mainly explosion, vehicle noise).


When you run Sonic Radar II, you will see a red Indicator diagram on the  game screen. The player can know the position and the distance of the sound source from the diagram.

Please refer to the table below to find whether your mortherboard support Sonic Radar & Sonic Studio.

Sonic Radar Sonic Studio + Sonic Radar II Sonic Studio II + Sonic Radar II
970 Pro Gaming Crossblade Ranger Maximus VIII Extreme
B150 Pro Gaming Maximus VII Formula Maximus VIII Extreme/Assembly
B150 Pro Gaming D3 Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs Maximus VIII Formula
B150 Pro Gaming/Aura Maximus VII Gene Maximus VIII Gene
B150I Pro Gaming/Aura Maximus VII Hero Maximus VIII Hero
B85 Pro Gamer Maximus VII Hero/ACU Maximus VIII Hero Alpha
H170 Pro Gaming Maximus VII Impact Maximus VIII Impact
H97 Pro Gamer Rampage V Extreme Maximus VIII Ranger
Z170 Pro Gaming Rampage V Extreme/U3.1
Z97 Pro Gamer Waiting for more ASUS motherboards support

Sonic Studio & Sonic Radar…

Maximus VI Formula
Maximus VI Gene
Maximus VI Hero
Maximus VI Impact
Rampage IV Black Edition
E3 V5 Series