System doesn’t boot up normally after a BIOS update

After I update the BIOS to version 1109 or 1111, there will sometimes be no display if I press the “Del” button immediately after the system is powered on. If I press the “Del” button after the Express Gate interface has appeared, I can get into the BIOS menu successfully. After several tests, I found this issue may be related to the Express Gate software. If I uninstall Express Gate, then I would not see this issue at all. If I downgrade the BIOS to version 1004, this issue will also go away. How do I resolve this issue?Please upgrade Express Gate to version or later before updating BIOS to version 1109 or later. The new Express Gate version must be used in conjunction with BIOS version 1109 or later to avoid unexpected system behavior. Please download Express Gate version from this link: